Here are some of the most loved symphonies of all time.

BRAHMS – Symphony No. 1

Don’t let the title fool you here, this piece took the best part of two decades to actually complete as Brahms was under an incredible amount of pressure to simply equal the greats who had come before him.


Orchestral Symphonies and heavy metal are unquestionably on opposite sides of the scale.

Orchestral Symphonies and heavy metal are unquestionably on opposite sides of the scale. On one hand an upper class pastime dominated by the rich and revered by the public as a high class of art, the other a dark and misunderstood breed of noise played in small clubs and enjoyed mainly by wayward youth – or so it would seem.

With their crowds on polar opposites and their ideals seemingly on similarly opposite scales it makes little sense that the two styles could collide so wonderfully time after time.

Strings and percussion instruments have been around for centuries but electric guitars especially the ones used today are an entirely modern invention, yet combined they can create an incredibly rich sound that is captivating to both audiences.

As music evolves and new styles emerge, fusions like this do occur with mixed results but these are examples where symphonies and metal have worked wonders.


Symphony No. 41

An impressive farewell, this work of musicianship shows combinations of melodies and the dramatic flair that made Mozart go down in history as one of the greats, this symphony leaving an audible impression that would not be forgotten.


Symphonie Fantastique

This release was quite unexpected at the time and continues to stun many listeners who return to it now.


Symphony N. 9

Symphony No.9 is a wonderfully heartfelt piece, the main melody has been used over and over again in advertising to represent breaking dawns, meadows and wholesome modern life.