Fantastic Symphonies – Part 1

A Modern Day List Of Olden Day Greats

Today it’s easy to find a chart or ranking system for anything, almost every product we buy is in competition with another bunch and therefore they will be measured on their greatness. When it comes to symphony music, back in the day when savants on the piano and insurmountable composers were present there just wasn’t the means to compare their creations like there are today. Firstly it would be difficult to hear all of the different works by all these phenomenal artists, not everyone performed in their time and many masterpieces were created in their homes before being sent out into the world. Beethoven for example lived and died well before the invention of radio, and in his last 15 years (while almost completely deaf) no longer conducted and made many compositions from his bed.

Nowadays we can turn on the radio at any moment and hear an unending selection of the best works from the greatest composers. This liberty gives us the ability to experience sounds from all over time and all over the world with no effort on our part. This also means that without having to travel or become close friends with a composer (which of course would increase bias), modern day listeners can construct a comprehensive list of the best symphonies that have been written. A somewhat expected feature of our times, but imagine having this information back when the creators were alive, many of them were not given their due until long after they were deceased. Charts such as this are secretly something fantastic, and although with all arts there is opinion and variation depending on the listener, any list really is a revolution compared to none. Here are some of the most loved symphonies of all time.

Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 6

This is a piece that never strays far away from sadness, by the time it finishes the emotional parts its been prodding at the whole time remain understandably tender. As many great pieces do this shows a progression and a long form narrative with ups and downs, but even in the ups here dread isn’t far away. This piece shows some impressive technical prowess as many of the strings throughout are played at a blazing pace, so fast that the darkness underneath it all cant help but shine through.

Brahms – Symphony No. 1

It usually takes even the best some time to produce a noteworthy piece, and Brahms was no different. Don’t let the title fool you here, this piece took the best part of two decades to actually complete as Brahms was under an incredible amount of pressure to simply equal the greats who had come before him. Finally putting himself out there he managed to make a name for himself pretty quickly with this piece that carries all the traits of a quality composition. With a clear mix of feelings interlaced with sprightly melodic leaps and exciting builds it may seem sometimes that Brahms was showing off but this was just the starting point for him.

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